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Water Quality Water Monitoring
Monitor water levels, flow, turbidity, pH, temperature, DO, conductivity and more.
Lower Snake River Dredging Project Water Quality Monitoring
Army Corps of Engineers

Eyasco designed, manufactured and installed a real-time water quality monitoring program to support dredging operations at various reaches within the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.

This monitoring program consisted of four instrumentation platforms at the dredging sites, and five at the disposal site. Each platform measured and recorded 7 water quality constituents (at the top and bottom of the water column): depth, turbidity, ammonia, pH, temperature, DO and conductivity. The circumstances of the dredging operation proved to be a challenge, because the instrument platforms had to shadow the movements of the dredge, as well as provide near-real time data through a satellite telemetry link to a project database. The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network was found to be the only viable telemetry option given the amount of data required and the depth of the canyon.

Eyasco’s Merlin Data Resource Manager collected and managed the data and display on a project web site automatically throughout the projects duration.

Water Quality
Monitoring station locations along the Snake River in Idaho and Washington.
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