Monitoring Systems That Provide Accurate, Useful Information
QuB is an acronym for "Quality in a Box". The components are chosen for reliability and flexibility in low-power remote deployments. They include data acquisition, data logging, control and communications, and operate in a point-to-multi-point network for cost-effective deployment over a wide area. This powerful, adaptive design means QuBs can be deployed at a lower cost per point because data doesn't have to be collected from each station. Remote stations send their data to "Hosts" over a radio link, and Host Stations store the data for collection using cellular or satellite links. Each type of QuB is built specific for it's application such as environmental, geotechnical or water-related processes. Power and communication configurations are built into each specific installation depending on the project parameters and objectives.

Types of Monitoring Systems

Water Quality
Water Monitoring
Monitor water levels, turbidity, pH, temperature, DO, conductivity and more
Slope Monitoring
Geotechnical Monitoring
Monitor slope and ground movement in and
around installations
Security Systems
Smarter Ag
Monitor, controll and securty for water, soil and plant as well as luminocity and air.
Slope Monitoring
Facility Monitoring
Monitor industrial and remote 
installations by detecting and 
documenting specific events.

Data to Display

Eyasco are experts in using many types of telemetry to automate measurement, control and data collection from remote or naccessible sites. What makes Eyasco systems powerful is the ability to communicate using satellite, radio, cellular or a combination of these methods in low power environments. This means maximum return and the best chance to maintain awareness even in the most challenging environments.


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Water Monitoring
Smarter Ag
Geotechnical & Dam Monitoring
Facility Monitoring
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