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Eyasco, Inc. has been designing and installing monitoring systems since 2003 with the goal for providing meaningful and reliable information to our clients. We make it our mission to understand our clients needs and the environment they are working in. Now Eyasco is teaming with Libelium to offer intelligent and cost-effective monitoring solutions that leverage wireless communication and low-cost sensors to provide real time data for smart agriculture. The power of timely data and information gives you the inside track to optimize production, determine real costs, and implement effective steps to improve efficiency. Data can also be analyzed over multiple crop cycles to identify the parameters of chemistry, light, temperature, humidity and time that allow each crop and your business to grow to its fullest capabilities.

Indoor and Outdoor Smarter-Ag Data Systems

Smarter-Ag Monitoring systems utilize specific sensors to gather data on parameters such as water, soil, air and light. Each utilize a range of sensors targeted to specific data that are delivered to you.

Water Monitoring (Drip to desktop) - Delivers data about pH, salinity, ion levels such as calcium (Ca2+), nitrate (NO3-) or Chloride (CI-). Other parameters such as water levels, flow, turbidity temperature, etc. can be implemented if needed.

Soil and Plant Monitoring (The dirt on the dirt) - Sensors on and around plants provide information regarding moisture levels, temperature and even leaf wetness and stem diameter data!

Air Monitoring Environment (Air and Light) Delivering data for temperature, humidity, methane (CH4) O2 and CO2 levels. Light (Luminosity) Monitoring- The system provides data about light spectrum radiation.

Smarter-Ag for Smarter Cultivation Process

Smarter-Ag systems automate measurement, data collection, security and even control to provide a real-time awareness across your entire indoor or outdoor operation. A honeycomb of interconnected monitoring systems can measure soil, water and air parameters at the same time they monitor switch closures and control valves and other devices.

Eyasco systems can communicate using any wireless technology leveraging the IoT network in the office or warehouse for real-time web access. Encrypted data is transfered data securely using satellite, radio, cellular or a combination of these methods to cloud data servers. Eyasco software then accesses the data, converts it into easy to understand analytics shown on your device from a web-based interface. Critical aspects of data can be prioritized with alarm triggers and reports can be automated and e-mailed for instant enlightenment. Smarter-Ag always utilizes communications and storage that are safe and secure.

Data Analytics Deliver Real-Time and Historical Data
Smarter-Ag employs powerful software that gathers data from the cloud server and converts it into alarms, charts and graphs in real-time. You can also access historical data to compare and contrast trends of specified periods of time. This critical data can be accessed from your desktop and or mobile device.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss and assess what data parameters can make your operations more efficient with Smarter-Ag.
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