Geothechnical Monitoring Systems.
Integrated, Wireless, Easy!

EmbankNET is a revolutionary wireless modular system for monitoring civil and geotechnical instrumentation. There have been other wireless systems for similar applications, but EmbankNET uses the latest technology with proven data processing software to provide a truly end-to-end solution – at half the cost of similar systems.

Benefits and Features:

• Modular for scalability and value
• Autonomous monitoring and control
• Low power components
• Appropriate for any sensor technology
• Built in memory for data storage
• Remote communication via Radio/Cellular/Satellite telemetry
• Vandal resistant stainless steel waterproof enclosures
• Integrated web-based display and reporting

Gone are the endless hours of post-collection QA/QC, cutting and pasting to assemble spreadsheets and mindless generation of graphical presentation for regulatory reports. The integrated Merlin software system provides real-time QA/QC, advanced notification of out-of-compliance readings and data gaps, and the ability to annotate data for export or presentation. Standard reports include time history, and offset from baseline reading over any date range. Reports are developed using SQL Server Reporting Services, so even custom reports can be developed in-house with standard database query
and formatting skills.

Graphic Representation of Earth QuB Communications

Sitehawk satellite image
The EmbankNET system, refined over a period of 15 years, incorporates the latest in digital and wireless technology to monitor most geotechnical sensors including In-Place Inclinometers (IPI), Piezometers, Settlement Gages, and even weather stations and accelerometers.



EmbankNET Systems utlize the Earth QuB, a solar-powered, wireless monitoring system designed specifically for sensors used in civil and geotechnical monitoring applications - particularly vibrating wire transducers - but also other analog and digital sensors depending on the application. These include piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, strain gages and meteorological sensors to name a few. The sensors are designed to gather data about soil and rock behavior such as water level, settlement, lateral displacement, consolidation, etc. Each QuB system consists of a Host Controller and any number of Remote Terminal Units - with or without their own controller depending on the nature of the sensors that are connected. The Host unit controls the measurement events and stores all the data - reducing the per station cost for data delivery and real-time monitoring.


Grabdata Report.

QA/QC Filtering (top), Merlin Chart with interactive plotting (bottom).

Data to Display

EmbankNET is an end-to-end integration of components and processes dedicated to collecting, managing and reporting dam monitoring data easily and cost-effectively. Field stations are low power and ruggedized, telemetry is reliable, and data collection is designed for efficient reporting and display with minimal setup and configuration. It’s as close to a plug-and-play system for dam monitoring available on the market today.




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